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  1. Lucinda

    My mom and I will speak Cantonese to my LO. When my husband hears me speak caentoesn, he starts speaking in mandarin. I told him my mandarin sucks so I rather speak my native language rather than a wrong 2nd language.

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    Oh wow. I want to say ‘you poor thing’ but that is so the wrong sentiment because you dodged a bullet with this one! I am laughing with you, and giving you loads of support (har har) for this story – I LOVED all 3 parts

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    Your right, it’s either a XC-W or perhaps an EXC. I believe Europe still has the EXC 2 stroke where they changed the line name for the State’s EPA system.Wes – I like having a simple logo in the corner and think the bike being highlighted Orange would detract from the picture. I wonder if we can get a poster of this here in the States?

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    Thank you for this post. I love the Field Roast Celebration Roast, but also found it a little dry. I had even tried make it like I used to make oven beef or pork pot roast – before going veg – but it got too wet. I am going to try this tonight baked over a bed of onion, carrot and halved baby red potatoes!!

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    Sherie – thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I don't have a squid ink pasta recipe, but if what you are referring to is something like homemade black tagliolini, you can follow any of my other handmade pasta recipe, except you squeeze 1 or 2 bags of ink from fresh squid into the egg mixture before incorporating the flour. Extracting the ink bag from squid is not difficult, just be careful not to break it in the process.

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    Neighbor commutes her 5 miles (one way) in a Smart. She has a 4-door Chevy for visits to family 2 states away.Local "High Miler" over inflated his Smart's tires to reduce rolling resistance. Also raised breaking distance. Add a rain storm, an interstate entrance ramp and an 18-wheeler and the results were predictable. The EMS team didn't even turn on the lights.

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    Ciao!!!Gusto, raffinatezza, eleganza…. c’è tutto ciò in quello che fate…. soprattutto sognare ad occhi aperti.Realizzate ciò che una donna ha sempre desiderto.Una favolosa cerimonia.Giugno 2012 è la data prevista… devo organizzare tutto da sola, il mio fidanzato lavora fuori…Mi piacerebbe avvalermi di professionisti come voi, ma non mi trovo nella possibilità di farlo. Cerco però di trarre spunti da Voi….Un bacio Alessandra

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    Thank you! I really needed to hear this today. I am working from home preparing for a solo show in the spring. I was just procrastinating by reading email instead of working, and came upon your post…Your right, even though I don’t “feel like” working today, it’s the step I very much need to take at this moment…Now, off too work!

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    Thanks for your interest and for your question, Sue. While we absolutely appreciate the challenge of getting it all into 3 pages, we’re going to be strict on the limit. It is okay to include links to supplemental material on your website, YouTube, etc. But this is a letter of inquiry, not a full proposal, and we will recognize that you won’t include every detail. We want to encourage everyone out there to write an LOI that makes us want to learn more. This is really meant to be the beginning of a conversation, not the end.

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    Nice swisher swasher symbol satchets, dont mind if you keep that phasey jewellrey effect coming,..you took a swim in your riches in this Daiyv,.. I liked it, wasn’t a black burn buzzard, but rather an inhalation of sleeting emeralds. Grunge is one of my least favourite sounds, but this kind of grunge I can definitely raise my elk horn of blood pudding to. Good work, keep it going.

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    #130 ShannonYou’re close to be being right. A majority is needed if one follows the Constitution. Now that the Republicans have demonstrated with their 230 filibusters how the Constitution should be applied, the Democrats won’t be so amenable anymore.One could argue that as a tax it’s a budgetary reconciliation and not subject to a filibuster, but we’ll save that joke for another day.

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    My girls, Bella & Tasha, would love to play and sleep on the Kitty Corner set! This set would be a great distraction from them clawing at our furniture.

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    I was going to say something about Rope. Tree. Politician. Some Assembly required, but on second thought these people, our elected public servants, seem just too childish to punish at the level the offense ordinarily dictates.representatives affiliated with the majority party in BOTH houses of Congress don’t feel they have a voice? They don’t need a voice, they have the votes!Idiots.

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    Thanks so much for this enlightening blog! I work as a therapist myself and I think it’s a great idea for the upcoming groups next week to address new year’s resolutions and the difficulty of following them! I’ve ordered your book already, too. You’ve helped me so much this last year in training not only my therapeutic skills but also my introspection. I wish you a great 2013!

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    .se I Have Three MobileBroadband When I Signed Up With They Told Me I Will Get 32 Mb Internet For 250 And 50 Kr For The USB Modem But Now When I use Its Not Even 2 MB Its Just BULLSHIT I was Fool That I Signed The Contract In contract they mention that they will give me 32 MB internet but in my home i dont get a MB any help? Should I Make Complaint to Police Or any other department?

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    Beautiful color combo!! Think I might love Salida with those gorgeous flowers! I have planted red & blue salvia with the cream color lantana this year…so far so good. I saw on the weather that last year we had already suffered 17 days of over 100…only 5 this year so far! Praying for rain next week!! Your post makes me want to plant delphiniums again!Thanks for sharing!Miss Bloomers

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    Carina, que prato perfeito amiga!Eu amo quibebe e o marido ama carne seca. Ótima combinação!Estou lotada de abóboras em casa que minha avó mandou da fazenda e agora tenho mais uma opção para utilizá-las, faz tanto tempo que não faço quibebe, fiquei com vontade agora…Beijos,Fabi

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    I realize this when off theme but I’m looking into starting my very own weblog along with was wondering what all is necessary to get set up? I’m assuming creating a blog similar to yours would likely cost a pretty penny? I’m not too web wise so I’m not 100% certain. Any tips or advice could be greatly treasured. Many thanks

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    I remember the first time I went skydiving. Petrified would be the right word as it was my turn to go out the door. You reach that point, say screw it, what ever happens, happens, and let fly. Now I am a master rated skydiver, divemaster rated scuba diver, spent five years traveling all over the United States, and can say I had the greatest adventures I will ever remember.

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    Hang in there, Cara! You are supermom!!! So Francesco got a new haircut? I can’t wait to see his whole face with the new doo! I also cannot wait to hear your potty training story. We’ve been back and forth with Caden and he is SOOO not interested right now…

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    I’ve been looking for a decent prompt control/replacement for a *very* long time! This is fantastic!I do have one question/request. Mostly I run MatLAB in a term (gnome-terminal/konsole/whatever) and not from the MatLAB GUI (matlab -nosplahs -nodesktop).Would your approach work for modifying the prompt in a console? Maybe something like setPromptCon..?

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    The charge of racism is irrational, which does not mean that it has no meaning at all. The meaning can be understood if you replace „white“ by „clean“. Why do you stay so clean, don’t want to do some dirty work of making children? Why are you pretending to be the „white bone“? If white people stop to pretend to be „reasonable“ and start making children, the charge of racism will lose its power. But if not, they will complain all the way until complete disappearance.

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    MamaMia, regarding, "Revelation talks about a NEW earth. Not necessarily a restored one. In fact, it talks about the first earth passing away." Reveleation 1:16 also talks about a sword coming from Jesus's mouth which is either one kick-ass Jesus or we need to use some intelligence in interpreting scripture in regards to what is literal and what is symbolic. I mention this b/c maybe we can't figure everything out like we think we can. If we can figure God out then I'm serving a God that maybe isn't as merciful, gracious, and loving of ALL of his creation as I truly imagine him to be.

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    Hello Kitty? How appropriate given your fondness for pussy (cats). If you do see him again ask him to take you to the nearest bridge. Then throw him off it. Cheeky bastard.Wiseman – wise words, indeed. The Olympic effect is always short-lived. In fact I reckon the whole thing is, just like the theme of this post, a scam. Lets see how long the regeneration of east London lasts.

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    Hi Honey – I was with you when Max climbed the cedar tree and watched him jump into your arms like a kid would jump into his dad’s arms from a high playground equipment. I have all the faith in the world that he’s out wandering and will be back. Have you dared to cross Colorado Blvd and take a peek? Would you like some companionship on your next search walk? I’ll come right over.

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    Oh, and as for Anberlin. I like “Paperthin Hymn,” but didn’t care much for “A Whipser and a Clamor.” The only issue I have with that compilation is that it’s missing “Reculsion.” That’s probably one of my top-5 songs, but they at least have perhaps my favorite, “Dismantle. Repair.” I also thought that “Forieng Language” was a poor choice for that album, and I don’t remember “Haunting.” I think I missed out on that song (was it on Lost Songs? I never got that).

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    Obama appeals as a mythic uniter. The relevant tribes are black and white in our nation, so Soetoro is a non-starter. A more relevant hypothetical is, what if Frank Marshall Davis were Obama's father? Obama would still retain his blood-based claim to being a black-white uniter. The story gets a little muckier (not just an older man but a much older man) and you lose the exoticism of the African prince (BO, Sr), but otherwise it's just as good, no?

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